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  • A food for special medical purposes for the dietary management of preterm and low birth weight babies on discharge from hospital.
  • Nutrient-rich post discharge formula to support catch-up growth and development in preterm and low birth weight babies.
  • Only post discharge formula enriched with prebiotic oligosaccharides, LCP’s, nucleotides, vitamins and minerals.
  • Shown to support catch up growth.
  • Help to ensure optimum bone development and mineralisation.
  • Fully complies with the most up to date medical position on post discharge nutrition.4
  • Contains: Milk fat, prebiotic oligosaccharides, LCP’s including phospholipid-bound (PL-LPC), 60:40 whey:casein ratio and intact protein.

Cow And Gate Nutriprem 2 Formula-800G

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