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The Medicare femSense Ovulation Tracker patch measures your body temperature 24/7 during your fertile window, the algorithm interprets the temperature measurements, and the app gives you daily updates on your fertility status.





  • Disposable temperature patch is worn under the arm for a period of up to 7 days when a woman is most fertile, during this time it continuously measures, records and analyses body temperature data.
  • Data is then transferred from the patch to the phone when scanned using NFC (contactless).
  • Smartphone app tells you which days you are most likely to get pregnant and notifies you when ovulation has occurred.

FemSense Ovulation Tracker – Medicare

    • No more peeing on sticks
    • Discreet and comfortable
    • Confirms Ovulation
    • 24/7 temperature measurement
    • The longer the Medicare femSense system is used, the more accurate it becomes.
      • By wearing the patch and closely observing several menstrual cycles, Medicare femSense can not only detect the fertile phase, but precisely define it – individually tailored to each and every user.


    • Not intended for diagnostic or therapeutic use and does not display temperature curves.
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