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• Especially skin-friendly thanks to extended ventilation holes and fewer contact points
• Button with glow in the dark effect - harmless light material
• Thin and narrow teat neck reduces pressure on jaws and teeth
• Flat baglet and smooth underside, pleasant feeling in mouth, plenty room for natural
sucking movements
• Reusable soother box, BPA-free, 2 per pack
NUK Freestyle Night: NUK Soothers with luminous effect
NUK Freestyle Night Soothers help babies to find their way easily to the Land of Dreams.
Thanks to a baby-safe luminous material, the soothers radiate a soft glow in the dark and can
be found quickly and easily even at night.
The NUK Freestyle Silicone Soother: modelled on a mother’s nipple as she breastfeeds
There are many exciting adventures for your little ones every day. In the course of these, a
soother is a reliable friend who gives babies feelings of safety and security as well as being
able to calm them. Whether it is unfamiliar faces, sounds or surroundings that have unsettled
your little one, familiar, instinctive sucking on the soother will quickly relax your baby again.
In order to optimise this feel-good factor further, NUK, inventors of the soother that is right
for the jaw, have made the original shape even better. It is modelled on a mother’s nipple as
she breastfeeds, fitting optimally into the mouth when the baby sucks on it. The special thing
about this soother: it is particularly thin and narrow to reduce the pressure on the teeth and
jaws. The flat baglet and the smooth underside ensure a pleasant feeling in the mouth and
give the tongue enough space for natural sucking movements. NUK Soothers are an optimal
fit in children’s mouths and are therefore accepted by babies particularly quickly*. This is the
way they provide relaxation for both babies and their parents.
Recommended by experts: NUK Soothers calm better than ever before
As the healthy overall development of your baby is very important to us, we would like every
NUK baby to have a soother that is close to nature and right for the jaw. Through the further
development of the NUK original shape that is right for the jaw and in line with the latest
medical findings, the NUK Soother calms better than ever before, as breastfed babies accept
this soother too because of its familiar shape. Breastfeeding mothers have confirmed to us

that the NUK Soother does not affect breastfeeding*. So, it also gives new mothers some time
for peace and relaxation.
Additionally, NUK Soothers do not cause crooked teeth or jaw misalignment. That is ensured
by the narrow, flat and thin baglet. It minimises the pressure on the little teeth and jaw and
leaves the tongue enough free space for natural sucking movements – two more reasons why
the NUK Soother is highly rated and at the same time recommended by midwives,
paediatricians and orthodontists.
Test results speak in favour of the soother too: 100% of the orthodontists asked confirm that
the NUK Soother does not cause crooked teeth or jaw misalignment**, 95% of the babies
accept the NUK Soother*, 90% of the mothers recommend it to others* and 92% of the
breastfeeding mothers confirm that the NUK Soother does not affect breastfeeding*.
*Independent Market Research, 307 Mothers; Germany 2017
**Independent Market Research, 50 Orthodontists, 50 Paediatricians and 50 Midwives; Germany 2017
For the sake of sustainability: NUK Soother with reusable packaging

NUK Freestyle soother 18-36m -2PCS

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