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The NUK NATURE SENSE STARTER SET is a complete package designed to meet the feeding and soothing needs of your newborn.

t includes two NUK NATURE SENSE baby bottles - one with a 150 ml capacity for ages 0-6 months and a teat specifically designed for breast milk, and the other with a 260 ml capacity for ages 6-18 months and a teat for formula. The set also includes silicone NUK NATURE SENSE teats with an extra-wide, flexible lip rest, anti-colic air system, soft zone, and tiny openings for a more natural and comfortable feeding experience.

The set also includes a NUK GENIUS silicone soother for ages 0-6 months, designed to fit the jaw perfectly and featuring an anatomically-shaped mouth shield that is particularly soft and flexible. A transparent NUK soother cover is also included to keep your soother clean and safe. All of the included items are BPA-free, making them safe and healthy for your baby. 

NUK Nature Sense Starter Set

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