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• 100% extra soft silicone, particularly gentle
• Original NUK shape, which is based on the female breast when breastfeeding
• Extra soft baglet to reduce the risk of tooth and jaw misalignments
• 0-6 months, BPA free, 2 pieces per pack
• Colour not freely selectable (different colours)
The NUK Sensitive Silicone Pacifier: Especially gentle to our loved ones
When our little ones are born, the very fresh and most delicate baby skin is particularly
sensitive. This is why we, at NUK, have developed the NUK Sensitive Silicone Pacifier for basic
baby equipment. This pacifier is made of 100% extra soft silicone and is, therefore, particularly
gentle on sensitive baby skin. Thanks to its flexible and slightly curved shape, it nestles almost
like a second skin to the small face. In addition, the nose is not covered and, therefore,
breathing is not difficult for our loved ones.
The NUK Sensitive Silicone Pacifier is available in various colours. The design of the silicone
pacifiers is fresh and versatile, so that each version looks good with every outfit. The space-
saving packaging also serves as a practical transport box and can also be used for hygienic
preparation in the microwave. The pacifier is suitable for newborns and small discoverers up
to an age of 18 months. This gives our loved ones a particularly gentle start to their exciting
NUK pacifiers: Nature as our role model.
Since the start in life is particularly exciting for the little ones, it is particularly important to us
at NUK that they feel good at all times and can develop freely. The special shape of our
pacifiers brings a great feel-good factor: the baglet is not only particularly soft, but is also
based on the mother's breast when breastfeeding. The shape supports the natural sucking
movement, which plays an important role, not only for eating, but also for learning important

skills. During this instinctive process, infants coordinate many muscles and train them
simultaneously. They need these muscles later in order to swallow, chew and talk properly.
As our loved ones grow, their jaws and palates grow as well. The NUK Sensitive Silicone Pacifier
is therefore available in two sizes so that the right size can be chosen according to age for the
respective growth phase. Thanks to its shape, size and material, the pacifier's extra-soft baglet
adapts comfortably to the baby's mouth and leaves sufficient space for the sucking movement
as well as tongue and teeth. This reduces the risk of tooth or jaw misalignment. Experts are
also convinced: 90% of the paediatricians surveyed on our behalf would recommend this jaw-
friendly pacifier from NUK*.
*Independent market research among 50 paediatricians; Germany 2018
Sustainability for love: silicone pacifier with reusable pacifier box
Sustainability is a top priority for us. We want to give parents the opportunity to use our
packaging after unpacking instead of throwing it away. Every NUK pacifier comes in a sturdy,
reusable transport box. This keeps each pacifier clean and offers it protection - an ideal
solution for protecting baby's favourite companion from dirt and moisture, especially when
on the move.

NUK Sensitive Soother 0-6m -2PCS

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