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NUK Space Set, 1x Space Silicone Pacifier, 1x NUK Pacifier Band, orthodontic shape, 6-18
months, range
• NUK Space Pacifier: extra-large ventilation holes for maximum air circulation and
enabling the skin to breathe - perfect for sensitive baby skin
• Flatter baglet and smoother underside for more freedom of the tongue to make
natural sucking movements
• NUK Pacifier Band: For all pacifiers with and without rings
• Easy to fix, practical single-handed clip, resilient textile band
• 6-18 months, BPA free, robust, reusable transport box
The new NUK Space Silicone Pacifier: for particularly sensitive baby skin
The NUK Pacifier impresses with its particularly flat and thin baglet, which offers sufficient
space for the natural sucking movement. The NUK Space Pacifier, therefore, fits optimally into
the mouth when the baby sucks on it. More than 95% of babies accept the NUK Pacifier*. The
NUK Space Pacifier also has particularly extra-large ventilation holes that ensure maximum air
circulation and allow the baby's delicate skin to breathe. For this reason, 99% of mothers
would recommend the NUK Space Pacifier for babies with delicate skin*.
The cute 3D animal motifs come in a space-saving packaging that you can also use as a
transport box. Just let them disappear into your handbag or diaper bag and have the NUK
Space Pacifier ready to hand at the right moment. The transport box is also suitable for
hygienic preparation in the microwave. So, you can enjoy your little NUK Pacifier zoo for a long
*Independent market research, 114 mothers; Germany 2018
NUK Pacifier Band, fits all pacifier with and without ring, design coordinated with NUK Space
Pacifier bands help prevent tears, for they see to it that the beloved pacifier stays where it
belongs and does not land on the floor or possibly even get lost. Its flexible silicone ring means
the NUK Pacifier Band can be securely fastened to pacifiers both with or without rings. The
practical single-handed clip system lets you easily attach it to your child’s clothes. The NUK
Pacifier Band has neither sharp corners or rough edges, has a resilient textile band and
impresses with its dual function. The design is coordinated with the NUK Space Pacifier.
NUK Pacifier Band – one ring, two possibilities, a practical companion for fashionable families.
Packaging that can do more

By the way, the NUK Space Silicone Pacifier comes with its own home: the practical pacifier
box. This allows the pacifiers to be hygienically prepared in the microwave, and transported
and stored cleanly and safely at all times

NUK Space Disney mickey mouse soother 6-18M - 2PCS

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