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Treat Spots Overnight, Invisible, Ultra Thin - 48 Clear, Hydrocolloid Dots with Salicylic Acid & Tea Tree Oil

  • 48 POPSPOT PATCHES, HEAL SPOTS & PIMPLES OVERNIGHT - Easier to use than spot creams and face wash, put a Popspot patch on that red / yellow spot and let the clear dot heal your skin overnight
  • HYDROCOLLOID DOTS, EXTRACTS IMPURITIES AND CLEARS SKIN - Soft gel patches seal against skin to create a moist environment which helps to draw out pus and dirt from your pores. Use overnight and remove in the morning, leaving behind noticeably healed skin
  • EXFOLIATING SALICYLIC ACID & TEA TREE OIL, PREVENT FUTURE BREAKOUTS - Naturally derived plant compounds; salicylic acid gently exfoliates skin whilst tea tree oil reduces excess sebum leaving skin clear and dry. Helps to prevent the return of acne
  • SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE SIZE PATCHES FOR SPOTS OF ALL SIZES - Includes 2 sheets of 24 dots with 8 x 8mm, 8 x 10mm and 8 x 12mm patches. Ideal for yellow spots, white / blackheads and inflamed areas of skin

POPBAND Spot Patches Acne Treatment Patches

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