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SensiKin Gel’s composition allows a local application to specific areas of the mouth. Formulated with a high concentration of potassium nitrate (10 %) and 1000 ppm sodium fluoride. Potassium nitrate works by calming the nerves in teeth. Sodium fluoride makes teeth stronger and more resistant to decay caused by acid and bacteria.

Sensi Kin Gel is highly bioahesive; stays exactly where you apply it and won’t slop all over the mouth.

Benefits :

  • 10% Potassium Nitrate
  • 0.22% Sodium Fluoride (1000 ppm)
  • Highly bioadhesive for localised use

Usage :
Sensi Kin Gel as a seven day plan, applying morning and evening after brushing with Sensi Kin Toothpaste and rinsing with Sensi Kin Mouthwash.


    Sensi Kin Gel 15ml

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