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Stelatopia Cleansing gel is specially designed to provide instant relief to babies and newborns* with extremely dry skin.
It compensates for the drying effect of water and soothes skin irritations.

It cleanses gently and leaves a protective film on the skin, preventing from the drying effect of hard water.  It instantly soothes your little one's feeling of discomfort and leaves baby's skin feeling perfectly comfortable, soft and supple.

Its formula countains 98% of natural origin ingredients and its key active ingredient comes from organic sunflowers, with proven soothing properties.

Skin dryness weakens baby's skin: Time for special tender care!

Stelatopia Cleansing gel is designed for body and face. Step 1 Press the creamy gel into your hand. Step 2 Slightly rub your hands to lather. Then wash baby’s entire body. Step 3 Rinse gently. Step 4 Delicately dab dry your baby's skin with a clean cotton towel - without rubbing! Avoiding friction will protect your child's skin.

The key active ingredient in our Stelatopia range is sunflower oil Distillate.
This ingredient was specially selected for extremely dry skin because it activates the skin's replenishment process and features long-proven soothing properties.
We use French organically farmed sunflower seeds, from which we extract the most fattly acid part of the oil. We do this in our own production facility, located in the Eure-et-Loire region in France.

To strengthen its hydrating power, our formula has been combined with avocado Peresose®, shea butter and natural origin glycerine. 


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