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The Tommee Tippee 100x Daily Breast Pads - Large is discreet and custom-sized to fit your bra, which delivers greater comfort and performance than all other leading breast pads day or night. Discreet and custom-sized to fit your bra, our Made for Me super-absorbent disposable breast pads deliver greater comfort and performance than all other leading breast pads day or night*. Uniquely shaped to fit with multi-absorbent layers designed to offer maximum comfort and no leaks. Our super-absorbent disposable breast pads are designed to fit you and provide extra protection against leaks, reassuring you of staying dry and comfortable. We know that even though you're a mum, you are still a woman who wants to look and feel good. That's why we're the only brand to offer breast pads based on your bra size to ensure a great fit. And because they are uniquely shaped to fit, they won't show through your underwear.

Key Features:

  • Unique shape, perfect fit, no more round discs sticking out of your bra, making you feel self-conscious. Our breast pads are made for you. Custom sizes to fit you and your bra. Performs better than other suppliers' breast pads, our breast pads provide all-around better-combined performance on absorbency, fit, leak prevention and adhesion to your bra than the leading brands. Guaranteed no leaks choose the size that's right for you, and we can guarantee you'll not need to worry about little leaks. Multiple layers, not 1, 2 or 3 but 5 layers of protection, trapping in moisture and keeping you comfortable feed after feed. No show-through because our pads are shaped to fit your bra. You can wear what you want with confidence. No one will ever know they are in there. Stays put for longer - there's nothing worse than breast pads that move and mis-shape whilst in your bra, leaving you uncomfortable and unprotected. Our breast pads have super-adhesive tape that keeps everything where it should be. Perfect.
  • Guaranteed no leaks
  • No show-through
  • Includes an adhesive tape

Tommee Tippee 100x Daily Breast Pads - Large

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