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  • Traditional shield soother modern, but simple pictures.
  • Approved by babies *
  • Symmetric orthodontic shape
  • Can be paid
  • silicone pacifier
  • without BPA
  • Help support oral development

Symmetric Orthodontic teat of the soother is specially made to be accepted it better than the baby.
In independent tests, more babies take these pacifiers first time. *
All new pacifiers Closer to Nature so you can easily switch between different types of pacifiers without any confusion.
      * 68% of babies adopt these new pacifiers first time, compared with 43% for the old design pacifiers closer to nature -in an independent study conducted by Swift research in February 2013 with 112 mothers and babies in the UK.

  • Pacifier is molded along the lines of grain or bottle feeding to be accepted better than baby
  • Symmetric pacifier that can be paid
  • Approved by babies *
  • Pacifier is flexible and stretchy
  • Nipple is elongated to make it easier to hold in the mouth
  • 2 pieces silicone pacifiers in the pack.

TOMMEE TIPPEE soother silicone Night Style 18-36m

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