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Feel comfortable and confident all day long
Fixodent Complete denture adhesive is a perfect fit for you if you just don't want to think about your dentures. Whatever you're doing, whatever you're eating, you'll enjoy the confidence that comes from having your dentures held securely and comfortably in place. Fixodent Complete keeps a strong hold throughout the day and provides improved comfort thanks to a cushion between gums and dentures. It also helps to create a food seal preventing food particles from getting beneath your dentures. Therefore, you can simply relax and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Did you know?
A large number of published clinical studies show that Fixodent improves the performance of your dentures and it even improves hold of well-fitted ones.
With an easy application, Fixodent adhesives adapts incredibly well to the unique shape of your gums to create a custom fit.

Comfort, strong hold and foodseal
Fixodent provides an incredibly strong hold and great comfort throughout the day. It keeps dentures securely in place and provides a snug and comfortable fit. Its great sealing features helps prevent food particles from getting beneath your dentures.

Neutral flavour
On top of strong hold, comfort and foodseal benefits, enjoy the neutral flavour of Fixodent Complete Neutral.

British Dental Health Foundation Approved
Fixodent is the only denture fixative cream approved by the British Dental Health Foundation.

Fixodent Complete Neutral 47g

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