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Because sustainable is naturally better. That is why every NUK for Nature product is made from sustainable materials (mass balance process*). These include sustainable plastic*, natural rubber and sustainable silicone*. The packaging made from 100% paper of sustainable origin can be fully recycled. And to make the CO2 footprint even smaller, being climate friendly is at the heart of everything, from the raw material to production with green electricity. NUK for Nature. Sustainable right from the start.

  • 150ml bottle with tempeture control and S flow. Shape of teat mimicks shape of mothers breast, perfect for weening originally breastfed babies.

* These sustainable materials are linked to 100% natural raw materials. Compliant with the mass balance approach and certified by ISCC PLUS (plastic) and REDcert2 (silicone), or natural rubber latex.

Has Anti Colic Valve and temperature control strip. suitable from birth.


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