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A cold is not uncommon in babies and as they breathe almost exclusively through their nose in the first few months of their lives, a blocked nose can quickly lead to problems, especially at night and during feeding time. The NUK Nasal Decongester is a gentle and hygienic way to easily remove mucus from baby's blocked, stuffy nose quickly and effectively without pain.

Key Features

  • Easy and safe to use.
  • Hygienically cleans mucus from baby’s nose
  • Helps to prevent blocked, stuffy noses
  • Pump ball gently removes mucus without any discomfort
  • Comes with a replacement nozzle
  • Simple, easy to clean design


How to use
Squeeze pump ball and then gently hold nozzle to one nostril. Press the other nostril carefully with your fingertip. Gently reduce pressure on pump ball to extract mucus into the nozzle, leaving the nose clear. Do not insert nozzle into the nasal passage as this may cause injury. Nozzle comes off. Clean pump ball and nozzle thoroughly after use with warm water. Do not sterilise in a microwave oven or steam steriliser as the decongestant may explode.

NUK Nasal Decongester

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