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Feel comfortable and secure every day: the new NUK Ultra Dry Breast Pads
with an absorbent core
Breastfeeding is an exceptional time of closeness and devotion between mothers and
their babies. From the first gentle advances after the birth, a wonderful routine soon sets
in that provides babies with everything they need for a healthy start in life. So that women
can concentrate totally on those intimate moments, breast pads are a practical accessory.
They protect the skin and clothing if some milk leaks between feeds or already during the
NUK Ultra Dry Breast Pads were specially developed for feeling secure every day and to
give optimal comfort when worn. Thanks to their special inner layer with its absorbent
core, they are extremely retentive and offer assured protection. The inner layer of the
breast pad is made of cellulose and so-called super-absorber particles, which can take in a particularly large amount of liquid and turn into a gel. This gel remains safe in the inner core. It is not only a mother’s clothing that benefits from this – her skin does too, for the materials used are soft, breathable and, with that, especially kind to the skin. The well-fitting shape of the breast pad
adapts perfectly to the breast and, thanks to it being smooth and wrinkle-resistant on the
outside, is hardly visible under clothing. The tried-and-tested NUK Fixing Strips ensures them
being held in place in the bra or breastfeeding top.
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Breast pads are a useful aid to help keep clothing dry during breastfeeding. The Ultra-Dry Comfort Breast Pads are anatomically designed to fit your breast perfectly; they are virtually invisible and extremely absorbent due to a special inner layer with integrated liquid retention. A breathable outer layer allows air to circulate, and extra-soft fleece ensures that the pads do not stick to the skin. For convenience, Breast Pads come with an adhesive strip that ensures that they fit securely inside your bra.

NUK Ultra Dry Breast Pad 30pck

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