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  • Ready to use formula - Convenient for travelling!.
  • Suitable from birth to six months (stage 1)..
  • Nutritionally complete with Omega 3 and 6 LCPs..
  • Box of 32 x 70ml bottles..
  • Imported from UK (Sizes & Specifications are based on the UK Market).

Product description

SMA Pro First Infant Milk

A nutritionally complete breast milk substitute, expertly created
with nature in mind to support babies’ unique nutritional needs.


* Can be used to bottle-feed or for combination feeding.
* Enriched with Omega 3 & 6 LCPs.
* Perfect for travelling.
* Ready to use - does not require any preparation.
* Just shake and pour straight into a sterilised bottle.
* Suitable from birth to six months (stage 1).
* Size: 70ml.
* Box of 32 bottles.

Please note: Teats not included.


Lactose (milk), vegetable oils (palm, rapeseed, coconut,
sunflower), demineralised whey (milk), skimmed milk,
galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS), potassium citrate, calcium
citrate, emulsifier (soya lecithin), fructo-oligosaccharides
(FOS), fish oil (DHA), magnesium chloride, L-phenylalanine,
sodium chloride, sodium citrate, calcium phosphate, vitamin C,
arachidonic acid-rich oil (AA), choline bitartrate, taurine,
ferrous sulphate, L-histidine, inositol, zinc sulphate,
antioxidants (ascorbyl palmitate, tocopherol-rich extract),
vitamin E, L-carnitine, niacin, pantothenic acid, copper
sulphate, vitamin A, thiamin, vitamin B6, manganese sulphate,
riboflavin, folic acid, potassium iodide, sodium selenate,
vitamin D, vitamin K, vitamin B12, biotin.


Water, skimmed milk, lactose (milk), vegetable oils
(sunflower, coconut, rapeseed, palm), whey protein (milk),
calcium citrate, emulsifier (soya lecithin), potassium citrate,
fish oil (DHA), magnesium chloride, L-phenylalanine, sodium
chloride, potassium phosphate, vitamin C, acidity regulator
(citric acid), arachidonic acid-rich oil (AA), potassium
chloride, taurine, inositol, ferrous sulphate, L-histidine,
nucleotides (cytidine-, disodium uridine-, adenosine-, disodium
guanosine-5’ monophosphate), zinc sulphate, antioxidants
(tocopherol-rich extract, ascorbyl palmitate), vitamin E, niacin,
L-carnitine, pantothenic acid, copper sulphate, thiamin, vitamin
A, vitamin B6, manganese sulphate, riboflavin, potassium iodide,
folic acid, vitamin K, sodium selenate, biotin, vitamin D.

SMA PRO First Infant Milk, Ready-to-Feed, 70ml Bottles, 32 PCS

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