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Complete skincare for nappy area:
PREVENTS irritations and redness at each change
RELIEVES from the 1st application
REPAIRS continually

123 Vitamin barrier cream has been specially formulated to tackle the factors that trigger skin discomfort at their source thanks to a unique combination of patented natural active ingredients, thus guaranteeing three-fold effectiveness:
1.    Avocado Perseose: Prevents skin discomfort at each nappy change
2.    Oxeoline of Alcacea: Soothes from the first application
3.    Sunflower Oil Distillate: Recovers continually

The new 123 Vitamin barrier cream has been clinically tested in extreme conditions, so you can safely use it every day. Formulated using 98% ingredients of natural origin that are fragrance-free and do not contain preservatives, it guarantees maximum tolerance right from birth*. To ensure that changing your baby's diaper remains an enjoyable moment, Mustela's new 123 Vitamin barrier cream can be applied and rinsed off very easily.

Pleasurable to use:
Easy to apply and wipe off, 123 Vitamin barrier cream can be spread quickly onto your baby's diaper area. Available in 50 mL tubes that are easy to slip into your handbag when you are on the move, or in 100 mL of 150 mL tubes for changes at home.
Right from birth*, apply a thick layer onto your baby's clean and dry diaper area every time you change them.Consult your GP in the event of oozing or persistent lesions.


98% ingredients of natural origin

Natural origin active ingredients :
. Avocado Perseose
. Alcacea Oxeoline
. Sunflower oil distillate
. Zinc oxide
0% preservatives – 0% fragrance

Mustela 1-2-3 Vitamin Barrier Cream

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