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This upside-down wash bottle provides a gentle stream of water for easier postpartum care and more comfortable bathroom trips. Simple, safe, and backed by research and guidance from experts.

Top Features

  • Gently washes this sensitive area and soothes post-birth discomfort with a cleansing stream of water.
  • The Post-Birth Wash Bottle can hold up to 360ml of water and can be easily used upside down to reach the perineal area.
  • BPA Free
  • Gynecologically tested
  • 360 spray upside down

Lansinoh Post-Birth Peri Wash Bottle

    • Fill bottle with warm water. Screw cap on securely and extend nozzle firmly
    • While on the toilet, invert bottle between legs aim the tip towards the perineal area.
    • Squeeze bottle gently while urinating and repeat as needed to clean the area.
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