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The only breast milk fortifier available in the UK and Ireland to contain iron.1

100% whey protein, partially hydrolysed for improved tolerability and adds 1.44 g protein per 100 ml expressed breast milk.1

Contains DHA to help support normal visual and brain development and contains MCTs, an easily absorbed fat and readily available energy source.2,3

As of March 2022, SMA® Breast Milk Fortifier will be renamed to SMA Gold Prem® Breast Milk Fortifier, to match the rest of the Gold Prem range.

  • Our unique formulation will remain the same.
  • Sachet sizes will remain the same at 1g.
  • Total number of sachets in a pack will increase to 72 sachets
  • The price will remain the same.

The first 1,000 days of a baby’s life have a life-long impact on many aspects of future health.

Preterm infants have unique nutritional needs. For those preterm infants who are low birthweight they may require an enriched feed or fortified breast milk to mimic in utero growth as closely as possible. The ESPGHAN 2010 Guideline states that the preferred food for preterm infants is fortified human milk from the infant’s own mother.4

SMA Gold Prem® Breast Milk Fortifier is a powdered preparation which provides extra protein, energy, calcium, omega 3 and 6 and vitamins A & E to help provide the increased nutrition required by these vulnerable infants. SMA Gold Prem® Breast Milk Fortifier is available in 1 g sachets – this will help to fortify smaller volumes of breast milk.

A red/pink colour can, in some cases, appear when breast milk is fortified with SMA Gold Prem® Breast Milk Fortifier. This is completely normal and not a cause of concern. This change in colour is due to the natural reaction between the iron present in SMA Gold Prem® Breast Milk Fortifier and the lactoferrin present in breast milk. SMA Gold Prem® Breast Milk Fortifier has been tested in a clinical trial and is safe to be fed to preterm low birthweight infants.

How to open and prepare your baby's feed

Whilst this product is made under strict hygienic conditions, it is not sterile. Failure to follow instructions on preparation and storage may make the baby ill.

  • Check best before date.
  • Wash hands well. Wash and sterilise all feeding equipment according to manufacturers’ instructions.
  • Only prepare one feed at a time. Gently swirl the container of the expressed breast milk (EBM).
  • Pour 25 ml of EBM into a sterile container. Before mixing with fortifier, warm up EBM to body temperature. DO NOT use a microwave to prepare or warm feeds.
  • Separate and add only one sachet (1 g) of SMA Gold Prem® Breast Milk Fortifier. Do not attempt to mix part of a sachet.
  • Place cap on container, gently shake the container until the powder is fully dissolved. Feed immediately. SMA Gold Prem® Breast Milk Fortifier can be given from a bottle or via a naso-gastric tube. Discard any milk remaining after each feed.
  • We recommend preparing each feed as required. Opened sachets should be used immediately or discarded. Use according to normal hospital procedures for handling breast milk.
  • Expressed breast milk can be frozen and fortified once thoroughly defrosted. If frozen breast milk is used, gradually defrost in refrigerator (under 4 ºC). DO NOT use a microwave oven or allow to defrost at room temperature. Ensure thorough mixing prior to feeding.

SMA Gold Prem Breast Milk Fortifier

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