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The Elle TENS 2™is an efficient method of drug-free pain relief. This powerful digital TENS unit is smooth, sophisticated and simple to use. It has been cleverly crafted by Babycare TENS specifically for home use for mums-to-be, for the management of pain for labour and beyond. The Elle TENS 2 contains all of the award winning features of its predecessor, the Elle TENS, plus a built-in contraction timer, updated user interface and backlight. The Elle TENS 2 is ready for all of your labour and post-natal needs

What is TENS?

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) works by passing mild electrical impulses through the skin, via electrode pads, into the nerve fibres which lie below. The TENS impulses help your body produce its own pain killing chemicals, such as endorphins. The level of pain relief obtained varies from person to person.

What can the Elle TENS 2 be used for?

1. The Elle TENS 2 provides pain relief during labour. However some people may find that other analgesics are also needed during the later stages of labour.

2. The Elle TENS 2 can be used for many chronic and acute pain conditions such as back pain, shoulder pain, arthritis, sciatica, sports injuries, migraine, period pain and postoperative pain


Q When shall I start using my Elle TENS 2?

A Use as early as you can after the onset of labour to allow time for your body’s pain-killing chemicals to rise.

Q Can I try the Elle TENS 2 before going into labour?

A Yes, using one leadwire, place 2 pads on your forearm to feel the different pulse sensations following the instructions on page 10 for CH1 and CH2.

Q Can I combine the Elle TENS 2 with other medication?

A Yes, you can still use analgesics such as gas and air (entinox) or pethidine.

Q Can the Elle TENS 2 be used in hospital?

A Yes. However, a midwife may ask you to switch it off temporarily.

Q Can I use the Elle TENS 2 if I am considering a water birth?

A Yes, but not in the water itself.

Q Is TENS safe?

A Yes, TENS is used widely for pain relief and is recommended by medical professionals.

Q Can I use it with other medications?

A Yes. TENS is drug-free so you can use it with any other medication including paracetamol.

Q What conditions can TENS be used to treat?

A TENS can be used to treat numerous pain conditions such as back pain, neck pain, period pain and arthritic pain etc. If you are unsure about using TENS please consult your medical adviser or contact Babycare TENS at Troubleshooting Questions

Q Why does the pulse sensation not appear to be as strong after you have used the Elle TENS 2 for a while?

A Increase the intensity, you may have become acclimatised to a lower setting.

Q Why does the pulse sensation feel strong but ineffective?

A You may need to reposition the electrode pads (don’t forget to switch the Elle TENS 2 off before doing so).

Q What should I do if I can not feel any or little sensation even on a high intensity setting?

A Check that the leadwires are properly connected and the pads are fixed to the skin. Also check batteries

Elle TENS 2- (Labour TENS Machine) with boost button for contractions

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